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Our vineyards

Our family vineyards have been anchored in the Loire Valley for five generations

Our vineyard in Bourgueil enjoys a clement climate – exactly what Cabernet Franc, a late-developing varietal, needs. In Bourgueil we have different types of soils. Soils of ancient alluvium called “Galuches” or “les Galichets,” calcareous soils, and clay-flintstone soils called “les Perrières.”

In the appellation of Chinon, our soils are chalky calcareous “tuffs” in the Beaumont-en-Véron municipality.

In the appellation of Vouvray, the soils are a blend of clay and flintstone in the Vernou-sur-Brenne and Chancay municipalities.


Our family vineyards have been anchored in the Loire since 1886 – more than four generations. Together, we harvest between the Loire and Vienne rivers, Bourgueil and Chinon wines from the cabernet franc grape, according to the rules of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Our bottles are the result of terroir, conscientious teamwork, and artisanal savoir-faire.

1985 Pierre leaves the co-op of Bourgueil and vinifies his first vintage independently

1989 Catherine and Pierre add 6 hectares of Chinon to their vineyard holdings

1990 They cultivate the entire property organically and biodynamically

1994 First cuvée made without a drop of sulfur: Nuit d’ivresse 1994

2002 Catherine makes her first Vouvray under the label La Dilettante

2008 Opening of the wine cellar « La Dilettante » in l'Ile d'Yeu

2016 Catherine and Pierre’s son, Paul joins them in the vineyards of Vouvray and makes his first vintage, “Pierres Rousses”

2018 Their daughter, France straps on her boots and opens “La Cuverie” in Bourgueil


« To succeed in winemaking, as in life,
One must live dangerously. »
Jules Chauvet

Natural wine is a wine made of 100 % pure grapes, a pure origin, converted into wine with native yeasts found naturally on the skins (contrary to synthetic yeasts created in a laboratory), without chemical additives, and the addition of sulfur limited to a strict minimum for its survival.

It is the real expression of a terroir, in its subtle and unique aromas.
It is alive, gourmet, singular.
It is the reflection of its winemaker and its place of birth.

Natural wine opposes technologically standardized and reproducible wines found throughout the winemaking world.

In the cellar

Harvest is completed by hand at the point of maturity of the grapes, and with a meticulous selection.

Vinification exclusively with indigenous and natural yeasts.

  • Our wines are not filtered, and no sulfites are added during the fermentations; only minimal sulfur at bottling. The red wines contain less than 20 mg/l of SO2 total and the whites contain less than 50 mg/l.
  • Slow elevage in tank or wood barrels hand-selected to correct tannins
  • Artisanal know-how

In our vines

We implement our philosophy of organic and biodynamic culture in the vineyards since 1990.

We aim for balance of the soils and of the plants.

We benefit from old vineyards, which we painstakingly protect.

We replace the dead rootstocks, by massale selection.

We treat organically, and only as much as the weather conditions of every vintage necessitate.

Our picking is manual and at optimal maturity.

  • Nos vignes sont certifiées
    en culture biologique
  • Frais de port offerts
    à partir de 12 bouteilles
  • À partir de 6 bouteilles,
    livraison en France uniquement, garantie et suivie par transporteur
  • Livraison sous huitaine
L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération
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