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Pierres Rousses

The ideal Chenin Blanc for your aperitifs. Its charming, direct, convivial personality will captivate your guests and accompany your most complex seafood dishes. Pierres rousses is the lieu-dit of its Vouvray terroir, from 55 year old vines.

Definition of Pierres Rousses: Pierres rousses is the name of the soil of Vouvray; the vineyards are 55 years old.

  • Cepage
    Chenin blanc
  • Harvest
    Manual, with sorting in the vineyard as well as in the wine storehouse in order to avoid problems with grey rot.
  • Soil
    Clay with flint on the municipality of Vernou sur Brenne
  • Vinification
    3.5 hours in the press, repeated twice by pneumatic press. 24 hours after the juice is in the tank we realize the débourbage to separate the clear juice from the sediment. The alcoholic fermentation occurs in barrel over 1 to 2 years.
  • Elevage
    10 months in 400 liter barrels and bottled in September with less than 2 grams of residual sugar and 40mg / L total SO2. We filter the wine to eliminate any microbial risks to its stability, allowing us to add less sulfur.

The work
in the vineyards

At the domaine our work philosophy centers around various criteria:

The wine which we make benefits from a history, a culture, our traditions and especially our passions. So many small gestures from the vineyard to the bottle, the result of artisanal and manual daily work.

It is our pleasure to propose to you flawless natural wines, with the concern to perpetuate the culture of our terroirs, and their benefits, for generations to come.

  • Nos vignes sont certifiées
    en culture biologique
  • Frais de port offerts
    à partir de 12 bouteilles
  • À partir de 6 bouteilles,
    livraison en France uniquement, garantie et suivie par transporteur
  • Livraison sous huitaine
L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération
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